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What size dance floor will I need? 
Number of guests/4 = how many square meters are needed. 
E.g 144 guests/4 = 36sq m = 6x6m dance floor is needed. 
What are the smallest and largest sizes we do? 
2m x 2m to marquees big enough to cover a football pitch! 
What facilities can Malton Marquees offer? 
Luxury toilet trailers, super silent event generators, thermostatically controlled heating as well as full sound and lighting systems 
Do I have a choice of carpet colours? 
Yes, here are links to one of our suppliers, showing you the selection available (which you can download) 
What size marquee will I need? 
Weddings - 1.8sq m( approx) is recommended per person 
Therefore 150 guests = 150 x 1.8 = 270 sq m = 27m x 10m marquee 
80 guests = 80 x 1.8 = 144 sq m = 10m x 15m marquee 
Can marquees be erected on slopes? 
Yes, we have a specialist scaffolding system than can accommodate most slopes/ undulations 
What ground can marquees be erected on? 
Grass, concrete, gravel, event tennis courts. 
We have a variety of flooring systems to accommodate different surfaces. 
Can I choose my choice of chair colour? 
Yes, you can download this colour swatch by clicking here 


Does it matter that my garden isn't level? 
This is something we come across quite alot, therefore we have experience in creating a Layher deck flooring with scaffolding to ensure a spirit level floor. Therefore, your garden or field doesn’t have to be level, as we can create a structure so the marquee is level. 
Will there be enough power? 
Most weddings need 1 generator at 40 KVA, we carry a back up generator just in case. We find this back up generator is good for piece of mind. 
How can I incorporate the view? 
Depending on your preference we can install glass or PVC windows to make sure we capture your view. This has proven popular to bring the outside in and gives nature ambiance for your wedding day. Also, this helps with lighting for indoor pictures. 
Will my marquee be warm? 
The one major request was that the marquee was constantly warm at approximately 20 degrees; by using additional heaters at different points throughout our marquees we can keep the perfect temperature. To ensure the warmth needed on your wedding day we have the heaters on before the guests arrive. 
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